The Next Innovation – E1 – Updates to Self Driving Car

We always want more than what we already have. And that is a good thing. That is the single reason Technology exists today. We want updated version of everything. Right from the invention of wheel, there are so many updates to it, now it became a Car.

(It became so many more things. For the purpose of this article, let us consider the Car.)

When man invented the car, it was an awesome thing. But, after using it for some days (Years), the ‘awe’ in the ‘awe’some is lost and it became just ‘some’ thing people use. So, for various comfort reasons the car got various updates like Cushion seats, Suspension system, Music system, Air conditioning system, a small screen to watch videos, Automatic Gears, GPS system, emergency contact etc. All these are updates for increasing the comforts while traveling in a car. But there was still one more thing uncomfortable since many years, Driving. Sure, the suspension system, the cushion seats, the automatic gears system made it comfortable. But, as usual after some days we lose that ‘awe’. So, now we have the Self-Driving car. Really? A Self-Driving Car? Its like Teleportation with a time gap. That is awesome. I know its not operational as of now, but looking back, I am sure that we will lose that ‘awe’ after using it for some days (or years). So, what next?. That is what this article is about.

The first Idea for ‘The Next Innovation’ is Updates to the Self-Driving Car. As we know self-driving cars are going to be operational on the roads in the near future. So, I thought “What next?” Because If I imagine myself in that car, it will be pretty boring to sit Idle. This idea struck suddenly. As we are not driving, we don’t have to watch the road anymore. So, instead of watching the road in front of us, why not watch this road…

I don't know where this is, but I definitely want to ride a bicycle on this road.
I don’t know where this is, but I definitely want to ride a bicycle on this road.

What I mean to say is, while driving to office or wherever you want to go, we can get the feel of driving in a beautiful location in New Zealand or something. Since, we can watch anything now, why stick to some land, lets drive in the sky and watch the clouds like going in an Airplane. Now, why stick to the sky lets go to another Galaxy. We can watch literally anything we want. Its like Virtual Reality. Yes, this is integrating Virtual Reality with Self-Driving Cars. Since we have Virtual Reality, why not play Virtual Reality Games like you are in a Tank and blowing up stuff etc. We will have Immersion movie experience in the Car. With necessary enhancements, we will have a portable 4D theater. Its not just a Car anymore.

For this to become reality,

  1. We can convert window glasses as IPS display screens for looking “Outside”. (In fact the screens are playing a pre recorded video.)
  2. We can use Normal Virtual Reality Head gear and add necessary updates to car for the 4D experience.
  3.  We can use projectors. ( We will have to figure out how to use them.)
  4. Or our boys will figure out something else.

So, that’s it for the first episode. As explained in the Pilot episode, “Creativity is just connecting things.” So, I connected Virtual Reality with Self-Driving car. If you can connect something more to this, feel free to let me know in the Comments below.

Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.

– Mr. Kenway

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