Cupid’s First Arrow

Once upon a time, like everyone else I was also a kid. I don’t even know about the existence of this stupid guy called Cupid. Later on I heard he is the one who fires arrows whenever I see a pretty girl. I called him stupid, coz that fucker always forgot to fire them at those pretty girls. Well, as you have already guessed.. This is the story of my first love.

This happened when I was around 10 years old. I just remember some scenes.. not even the full story. But there is one thing I remember very well. I was extremely influenced by movies back then. I don’t need to explain this.. as you will understand that pretty well very soon.

NOTE: All the lines in Italic font reflects what was going on in my mind at that time..

SCENE I: Cupid’s First Arrow

It was the first day of the school. We didn’t have much classes and we had a lot of free time. We used to wear those nylon rubber shoes and they used to become very smooth when used regularly. We discovered this wonderful phenomenon where if we run faster and stop suddenly in a slant position, it makes us slide on the floor like a boss. Yes, this wonderful phenomenon is called Skating. So, we named it as Shoe Skating. This has become a thing and in every break, we used to have competitions on who can skate for the farthest distance. By now you should be wondering.. where is the fucking love story. Well it all started this first day itself.

Since it was our first day, most of my friends hasn’t come to school. So, I was all bored and started to skate.. alone. I went to the farthest end of the corridor and started running fast.. faster.. fasterrr… Skateeeeeeeeeeeeee…… I was sliding all through the end of corridor. Suddenly, I was hit by something. It hit me.. It hit me hard.. Suddenly all the wires inside me went crazy. Yes, it was Cupid’s arrow. Cupid’s First Arrow..

As I was sliding and flying in my own world.. I saw an Angel. An Angel in a Black frock with blue and pink dots on it. I stopped. I didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t know why I was looking at her.. but I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to stop. She was looking intently into the Principal’s office. Her Parents are talking to..obviously..the Principal.

Well I didn’t know why.. but I wanted to impress her with my skills.. Skating skills..

So.. I ran all the way back to the end other end of corridor and started running towards her again..





Nope. She was not there.. she left. I saw her walking away with her parents..

I came to know after a long time.. She was my all-time classmate from childhood and didn’t notice her until I was in 5th Grade.

SCENE II: The Soft Touch

After 2-3 days I saw her in my class. My mind started jumping.. “WOw, She is in my class..”

Lets just say.. the shit started going crazy now.. In the initial days, I just kept looking at her. Needless to say, I was in last bench and she was in first. She was in her own world, without giving a flying fuck about outside world.

So, remember I said.. I was extremely influenced by movies back then.. One day I was watching some stupid movie on TV. There was a scene where some guy approached a girl and proposes her or something. She slaps he returns back to his friends and one of his idiotic frog fucking friends told..” Broo.. You should feel happy that she touched you. Chill bro..”………As you have expected.. That was the moment.. the inner male love bird started flapping its wings for this wonderful Idea.

But I was a chicken. Going and proposing to her..? me? Yeah.. in your dreams. So, here comes the execution of my wonderful Idea. There used to be a language class. That language teacher was a little crazy in the head. He used to give homework to learn the meanings of some words in that language. And in the next day’s class in the first 10 mins or last 10 mins, he used to ask to tell the meaning of the word which he asks. If this guy/girl fails to answer, the turn passes to the next kid and if that kid also passes on to next kiddo..and so on. If someone down the line answers his question. That kid will get the privilege to slap each and everyone of the other kids who failed to answer. (I know what you are thinking.. If everyone in the class fails to answer.. then he will tell the answer and everyone have to slap themselves.)

And the seating layout has resulted such that, If I don’t know the answer and the next guy doesn’t know the answer then it will be my Angel’s turn. So, everything was set in place. One fine day like every other day.. my turn has come. My gut feeling told me the next guy will not know the answer for this question. So, even though I know the answer to this question.. I didn’t answer it. Fortunately the next guy stood numb. As expected from a first bench girl, she was a bright student. She answered it. She slapped the other guy and started walking towards me..

She stood right infront of me.. she gave a small smile.. I smiled and closed my eyes..and waited.

I waited for that soft touch of those soft…. “THAAAT BITCHHHH….!!!”

Believe me, It was not soft at all. It was not pleasant as I thought it would be.. And my heart was broken in that moment. It started whining internally..” I have loved her so much, how could she do this to me…”

So, why did she hit me so hard. Let’s take a look at…

SCENE III: The Hard Touch

And I blame movies for this too. In some other stupid movie, I saw a cool guy dashes a cute girl.. Their shoulders touch each other..she tumbles and starts falling down.. with good reflexes this cool guy catches her from falling.. they look into each others eyes and in that moment.. she falls for him.

TIN TIN TIDIN.. my mind is triggered frantically like the Universe has finally unveiled the secret to make her fall in love with me. So, the next day I was ready with a plan..

Our classroom used to be on first floor.. I saw her coming upstairs with her friend. Timing has to be perfect. I waited and waited.. my brain started super computer calculations.. As soon as she is 25 fts distance from the classroom.. I will run barging through the door like there is something important.. I will make the impact at a speed of 10 kmph.. Perfect plan.

So, I waited near the door. She is coming.. I am waiting for the moment. I barged outside.. Yesss.. My plan is going to work.. she is coming.. I am running.. I am running towards her.. I aimed my shoulder to her shoulder.. Impact is about to happen.. I chickened out. I just went aside from her like a breeze.. But, realization hit me.. I scolded myself for chickening out. I should not miss this opportunity.. So, I turned back.. I aimed my shoulder again.. this time I should not miss.. I ran close to her.. I brushed my shoulder with her’s. Plan has been executed successfully.

But… she didn’t fall. She just looked and walked away casually. How come the plan didn’t work? May be I didn’t hit her hard enough. May be I hit her from the back.. Ok. This is not over yet. I will try again..

So, I repeated the same thing again the next day..

and the next day to that..

practically every day..

practically every day for 4-5 times..

That was it.. that was the story behind her slapping smile.

SCENE IV: The First Kiss

My little mischiefs continued and we were having this secret undercurrent cold love going on. One day, in a break.. I was just talking to my benchmate by completely ignoring her. She came to my bench, leaned on it to talk to the girl in the front bench. She leaned on my bench a little more.. She was beautiful.. in her parrot green color dress..soft hands just inches away from my lips. (Yes, hands only.. If I was as naughty as now.. I would have slapped that ass for leaning on my bench. Haha..) Coming back to the scene again.. I noticed those soft hands just inches away from my lips.. I leaned a little further.. Wow, she smells so good. My desire to kiss her has increased exponentially. I leaned in further.. just 2 centimeters away.. She started moving.. stay still bitch.. I am trying to kiss you.. Nope. She walked away suddenly. No, she didn’t notice me trying to kiss her.. she just walked away. So, That was the day I ALMOST kissed her..

SCENE V: The Last Kite

This is not particularly a scene.. Those were the days where I have moved away from that town and went to a new city. I didn’t even get a last look at her. I missed her.. I missed her a lot. I used to get dreams about her moving to the same city and we would meet accidentally while crossing the roads or something like that.. That was my first love and it was very hard to understand what I was going through. I couldn’t tell this to anyone. I just wanted to see her once talk to her..just for once. But somehow I know, that is not going to happen.

I used to fly kites. I was very good at making them. I used to make kites and write.. “I Love You, Angel” secretly and fly them. I used to fly them far away and when I can’t see it anymore, I used to cut the rope and hope that the kite reaches her home. I didn’t even know that there is such a thing called trying to forget a girl. But I was doing something similar to that. Maybe cutting the rope of that kite was me symbolically letting go of her. Actually I did stop feeling like that after a long time..but not by letting go of this kite..

I saw in some movie. The main character has loved a girl immensely. I don’t remember the story of the movie exactly.. but the guy writes the name of the girl with his blood and dies.. So, as an eternal lover.. I wanted to do that. But, as I told you already.. I was a chicken. I was too scared to cut my finger. So, one day.. while I was playing I got hurt on my leg very badly in school. It was a deep flesh wound. I still have the mark of that wound on my leg. Blood was oozing out of that wound. Even in that pain, I remembered I have to write her name with my blood. So, I sat silently near a window and touched my blood with the index finger and wrote her name..”Angel” on the window. I thought to myself.. this is going to stay here forever. (Nope, I couldn’t see that the next day itself. Haha..)

Slowly I forgot about her, as that deep wound healed itself..

That’s it. That’s the story of my first love. If I ever see her again, I wanted to tell this story to her..

Just in case If she ever reads this story… I want to say..


Once upon a time.. I was Madly in Love with You..!


Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.

– Mr. Kenway

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