A Thief Story – Day 2 – Dirt on Hands

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We decided to meet again the next morning in the same place.
I asked my friend “How do you know? What is happening?”
“He is gathering a team. I don’t know the details yet. But, I suggested only your name among our friends.”
“Wow, you are a true friend.” I said with a smirk on my face.
He pointed towards the closet where I stashed the money with his nose and said, “Yes, I am.”

Day 2…

Two more people joined us in the meeting. So, we are five in number along with the thief guy.
The thief guy started, “Let’s start with the names. I am.. Uncle.”
We all laughed, even the thief guy smiled. (Or should I call him Uncle?)
“Yes, no real names. Now everybody give yourself a name.” He said, still smiling.
“I am Big Dong.” One of the new guys said.
Again we all laughed.
“No. It should be a single word. And try something decent this time.”
“Okay, I am… Billy, the badass.”
“Billy. Much better.. what about you?” he pointed to the other new guy.
“I am Rabbit.”
“Good. And you?” he pointed to my friend.
“I am Daddy.”
He laughed and said “Your wish.”
He looked towards me..
“I am Captain.”
He smiled and said “Ok. Before we continue to discuss our plans. You need to know some of the guidelines. I will tell you ‘the rule’ and ‘the why’ of it. And don’t interrupt me while I am speaking.”
We all stood silent.
He continued..

First. If you can’t do it solo, don’t do it.” He looked at me and smiled, coz he remembered he already said that to me.
“This rule is very important because it eliminates the moral dilemma. In the event of a mishap, you will have a dilemma whether to leave a friend behind to continue your job. If you don’t have a friend with you, you don’t need to save him. No two people can be at same location at any given time. But this doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. You can divide the work and assign the jobs to others.”

Second. Never break the con.”
“If you’re going to get caught or in any situation, never confess who you are. Stay in the character, there might be a possibility they will still believe you. If you confess then that’s the end of it and you go to jail. It’s all about probabilities boys.”

Third. Always follow the rules. “
“Whether they are social rules, social etiquette, safety rules.. whatever they are. Just follow them. That way you don’t draw attention to yourself. Lay low and be normal, no one should remember or recognize you.”

“Those are enough for now. Any questions?”
“What if we get caught?” I asked.
“Don’t get caught.” He said and winked.
What is the meaning of this wink..? I thought.
“Any further questions? I don’t think so. Let’s get to the part that we all are waiting for.”

“We have four selected ATMs in the outskirts of the city. Each in one of East, West, North and South directions. Locations and route maps will be sent to your mobile. You will have no choice in choosing your locations. You…”

He finished explaining his detailed plan. Everyone started leaving..
I went towards him and asked silently “Is this a onetime thing?”
“Does it matter?” He asked.
“For me, it doesn’t. I always wanted to join “The Genie”. So, I don’t really care.”
He is visibly shocked for a second but recollected himself immediately. He smiled and said “How do you know about The Genie?”
I winked and left.

10:00 PM…

I am supposed to go to the south gate of Thinkium Green Park at 10:00 PM and look for a car with single digit number plate.
I found one nearby in the dark with Number plate: XX XX X 9. There is already someone in it, sipping a drink. Waiting for me perhaps..

“I have to bring the eggs.” I said.

He left the car. I got in. The keys are inside.

The map has 3 points marked in it.
• South gate of Thinkium Green Park.
• ATM on the south Highway.
• There was no name.

I have to go to ATM before 10:30 PM.

At exactly 10:32 PM, all four of us are supposed to enter their respective ATMs. This is the essential for plan because..
1. The police can’t send enough force to all four directions at the same time.
2. They don’t know whether we are going into the city or outside.

Now, The process to break into ATMs is actually very simple. I took the axe and the hammer placed in the trunk of my car. I already wrapped my head in a black cloth with ketchup packets randomly placed in the wrap to alter the shape of my face for camera, so that my face can’t be detected in any facial recognition system. (They can’t see my face, They can’t even outline the shape of my face and no finger prints of course. Catch me, bitch!)

I went inside at 10:32 PM and placed the axe at the crack near the lock of the ATM. I smacked it lightly with hammer to stick it in the crack in position. I stood up and gave it a hard blow. Done. I opened the door, put all three denominations of money in my bag. It didn’t take much time as the currency notes will be placed in a small boxes in ATMs. I just shoved the notes in my bag and left the boxes there itself. I left before the clock ticked 10:33 PM.

The silent alarms should be triggered already. But according to Uncle’s plan, their reaction time is 2 Mins 45 Secs. So, no problem I guess. I left there without any trace of me being there.

My map already has a route to reach the third location. But, there is a checkpoint in between.

As I approached the checkpoint, I opened the bottle of whisky in the car and poured it in my mouth. I swirled it inside and spit it out. I reached the checkpoint. They are checking every car.

I acted drunk and arrogant. So, they asked me to blow into the pipe to check alcohol level. It was at enough level to ask me to get out of the car and walk on a straight white line.

Meanwhile someone is checking my car.

I walked straight on the line. They let me go, coz I was in a suit in BMW. And Of course, they didn’t find the money. The money is under the carpet near the footrest of driver seat. And I left my shoes on it. A psychological tweak. They have too much at stake to check the car of a rich drunk fucker too thoroughly.

Anyway, I reached the location pointed on the map. All the other three people reached the place already. It was some kind of an inventory not in use.

They smiled at me. I returned the smile to assure that everything went fine.

We are instructed to enter our car numbers in the order of us reaching the location. We searched around and found only one keypad near a door. I went near it and doubtfully entered: 1-7-2-9. Suddenly the lights turned on in that area and we saw Uncle approaching us.

He just came and called “Rabbit.”
Rabbit went ahead. Uncle gave him a blue medallion with a silver rim around it.
Same blue medallion with silver rim.
“Billy, the badass is it?”
He got the same.
He smiled and called “Captain.”
I got the same blue medallion, but with a gold rim.

I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “What if we have typed something other than 1-7-2-9?”
“Well. Then somebody has screwed up in the plan and missed their timing. You would have never seen me again. It was planned that you will arrive here in that order.”

“Now, I have something you will be very interested to know. Especially you, Captain Ahab.” He said with a smile in his eyes.
I stood silent.

He continued..
“Boys, welcome to “The Genie”.”

My jaw dropped. I wanted to join The Genie. But, I never thought he is going to be my ticket to it.

“Those medallions are your tokens to receive help from “The Genie”. The silver rim around the medal indicates that in the event of mishap, The Genie will help you disappear. You will lose the silver rim and get plain blue medal. The gold rim indicates that you can come up with a plan and execute it with the help of The Genie. If in case you end up in prison, The Genie will help you get out. And you will lose a rim whether it is a silver or a gold. This help will be executed without your intervention, whether you want it or not.”

All of them clapped.

“But why me?” I asked pointing towards the gold rim.
“Because no one else has the checkpoint in between and I didn’t provide you with instructions on how to deal with it.”

I thanked him. He let us keep the money as joining bonus. And we left..


This is the story of how I entered the world of crime. But what the others don’t know is, I came into this life by choice and “The Genie” is my father.



Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.

– Mr. Kenway

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