A Thief Story – Day 1

We are supposed to meet at 6:30 AM in Thinkium Green Park. I woke up early that day. So, I thought of waiting inside the park until my friends come. I went inside and looked whether our usual place is free. The park have a large lawn area and its surface is not even. It has these small ups and downs, like in a Golf area. Something like this…

Without those pits, of course...
Without those pits, of course…

We play Frisbee in that park on some Sunday mornings. I sat in our usual place to wait for my friends. After few minutes I saw a well dressed man walking towards me. It was weird, because it was early morning and everyone else is in their track pants or something. Anyway, he came and asked me for water. He drank and asked whether he can sit with me. He sat and started staring in the direction I was staring before he came. I am not the small talk type. But, he looked interesting.

I asked “So, What do you do?”

After thinking sometime, he said “I am a Professional Thief.”

I thought he was kidding, So I played along..

“Can I join you in your next heist?”

“No, one of my guidelines doesn’t allow me to.” He said.

“And What is that?”

“If you can’t do it solo, don’t do it.”

“It sounds more like a movie dialogue.” I said.

“I wrote them myself, for the dramatic effect.”


I lost interest in his little amusement and kept calm. I looked at the time to see how long should I wait for my friends to come. It’s 6:00 AM. He started,

“The amusing thing about being a thief is, you tell the truth but nobody takes it seriously.”

“And why are you telling me ‘The Truth’?” I emphasized.

“Because, Intelligence needs audience.”

Now, he pissed me off. In my mind, I have this pretentious Idea, that I am extremely intelligent. And somebody tells me, he is Intelligent? Now if I don’t go full on war with him, its an insult to my intelligence. (You might think it is stupid and illogical. And yes it is. But, there is one virus that always effects intelligence, ego. It says that, if anyone says they are intelligent, they meant that they are more intelligent than you. So, I can’t backdown now. Makes sense, right? .Nah, its still stupid. P.S: If you don’t think its stupid. You’re ok. But if you don’t think its illogical, maybe you’re not that intelligent. eh? ) And I know a little about crimes and criminal psychology. Yes, they think they are intelligent. But, anybody with reasonable intelligence can do what they do. Here I’m talking about the criminals who are sane, Not the “high and stupid” type.

Self Note: People are here for a short story, don’t ruin it by making a long list of little details and self notes. Just get on with it, Idiot…

Anyway, the story is.. Even though I want to go full on war with him, I didn’t want to argue with a total stranger who just want to have a small talk with me. ( Yep, sanity prevailed finally.)

I asked, “Ok. What do you steal?”

“Store rooms of rich people.”

Internal monologue… Store rooms of rich people. Wow, never expected that. It is a clever idea. Bullet points time…


  • If he steals anything, they wouldn’t know it immediately. (Coz, people don’t check their store rooms everyday)
  • That is the place in home which has least security.


  • But, would he find any valuables in the store room?

Lets find out…

“So, do you find any valuables there?” I asked.

“You’d be surprised to know how little they care about their possessions.” He said.

He continued..

“There are always paintings lying around. Silverware, sometimes cash bags..If I find paintings, i just roll them and carry with me. If it is silverware, I wrap it in a thick cloth so that it doesn’t make any sound when I throw it outside the wall. Cash bags.. you know.. they don’t make any sound anyway.”

“Seems good, but how do you know that they have valuables in their store rooms?”

“The tell is different every time. You will find ways if you are looking for them. For example.. Who has a unique house in the whole city? or Whoever comes to a shopping mall in a fancy car, etc..”

“Hmm, so you steal only store rooms?. I don’t think so.”

He said, “You’re right.” and he started focusing at an old man who just came for his morning walk.

“Have a good day.” He gave me my phone back and an envelope.

WTF?? when did he take my phone? and what is in this envelope?

I immediately looked at him.

He is walking towards that old man. I don’t know what he said. But, that old man threw something and he caught it. Later he walked towards a BMW, opened the door, looked towards me once and left.

“Is that his car?” I thought…

I opened the envelope… Lets just say I have enough money in my hands to live for 2 years.

Later that evening..

Badass music playing in the background… Nope. It’s my ringtone.


Voice on the phone.. ” Wanna join me in my next heist?”

I’m surprised. Not because he asked me that.. Not because he knew my number.. Not because he used the exact words I used earlier in the morning to ask him (Sarcastically) whether i can join him .. But, because my friend who is sitting beside me said “Say, yes.”


P.S: I know that the Professional thief said that he will always work solo. But be patient and wait for the second part.

Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.

– Mr. Kenway



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