What is the purpose of Life?

Once upon a time, my mind is messed up. Based on my experience, many 19-21 Year old’s minds are messed up. They will come out of it at some point. At least I did after reading so many things. But, I think the following thing is the starting point of me coming out of my mess. So, coming back to the story, like any messed up person, I searched in google…

                                                           “What is the purpose of life?”

I came across many blogs and articles regarding this question. But, nothing is as appealing as this Yahoo Answer. I went ahead and started reading. The interesting part is both the question and the answer are equally convincing. It felt like that guy (John) is thinking about deeper **** than I did. And that answer given was so far The Best I had come across. After reading that, I didn’t search for answers any more from that day. So, Without any further ado, lets continue to the mind grinding question and mind blowing answer…

(I am not the author of the following matter.)

Question : 

By John…

What is the point in living?

Hell i went from being depressed to being normal to being depressed, but one thing keeps bugging me… whatever i do, there is no answer to that question! So? Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Hedonism, anything you offer, does it have an everlasting meaning?

We are born into an unfathomable existence, on a tiny patch of space called earth that is itself a speck of dust in the galaxy that is a speck of dust in the infinite universe, and not only that, but during your entire lifetspan, you will die on an even smaller patch of space on THAT Earth.

Anyone else thinks human being are just limited and death is “unfair”? Religious people, what’s the point of “Heaven”, “Hell” or “Brahman” or any other mind-concoctions? That’s the one thing I never really got. I don’t want to be reincarnated or reunite with any Brahman, i don’t want to live a blissful existence that is in itself meaningless (isn’t it bound to get repetitive as well or the catch-22 is that i’ll experience incessant eternal orgasms and ergo will not have time to consider the meaninglessness of it all?), I have no desire to commit to a life of hedonism here cause that is boring as well.

So… since life is an inexplicable mystery and a torture chamber, how cruel is that we are alive? The more I think of it, the more I realize that religion does not bring meaning to life but rather, further consolidates the nihilistic meaninglessness of it all!, did it ever happen, that a guy hates Atheism as much as he hates Religion, but reaches that conclusion since in the face of one-sideness and daily monotony of life, there is nothing better to do?

In short terms, how is it possible for someone like me (don’t know if there are any others) to live if two of the biggest alternatives in the world (Atheism, Theism and everything inbetween) are not satisfactory?

So if I don’t belong to any category, then whats the point of waking up every morning? From that point on, it seems as suicide is the best way to cork out your brain, no responsibility, no depression, no aspirations, worries or anything else, isn’t that the perfect drug?

How vain it all is. Every human category. Love, Sex, Art, etc etc. People getting fatter, people getting leaner, hunks & jocks vs pickup artists and the usual joes…, movies, learning… working… why? who asked that “something” to bring me and countless others who wondered about the same question to to that existence? Why did I have to be coaxed? Why not just give it all to us at the outset, at least in that case the meaninglessness could be worth something until you’re dead? Why does medicine exist, why do our bodies fail, why is there anything at all, and that magical “anything” created a world that is so far away from being “fun”? Am I ever gonna get the answer to that or should I, as had been advised here countless times, “wizen up” and self-indulge in the mystery? but what would be the point of that?

Guys, do u understand what i’m trying to say here? Without any appeal to ignorance or pity, why is it that no matter how good you try to think the world is, how optimistic everything is and how purposeful the world is, how everything is going according to plan, how you’re gonna end up being successful, with a wonderful career and a great family, how “good” people are and how much happiness you wish everyone would be showered with – the thoughts you try to nail into your brain, the mental masturbation of having to wake up everyday to the same “existence” seem like such an unenticing prospect? (no matter how well-of and high-rolling you are)

Is suicide really the only option here? Why are the suicide rates so high pretty much in every developed country (Russia, Japan, US, etc)if everyone else gets such an immense kick out of life?

Now the best answer given for this question is...
By dean66

Please excuse this mess. It’s late, I’m sleepy, and I’m just going to ramble some thoughts off the top of my head. (grammar be damned) You seem to be in great need of an answer, so I’ll spill some of my thoughts out on this page for you to take as you will. I hope it makes some sense and is helpful in even the smallest way…

I used to feel like you, John. The key is to stop searching for a special meaning and just live. What’s the meaning of life? There is none. We were born to this world to do what we want with our time here… then we die. Try to pull in the reins of that active brain of yours and stop over analyzing life. Ask yourself why you don’t commit suicide. What in your life would, or could, keep you from pulling the trigger. Fear of eternal damnation? The pain you’d cause family and/or friends? You’d feel guilty about making someone clean up your post-suicide mess? Yeah, it’s easy to wallow in self-pity. I still do sometimes. But I live just for the sake of life itself.
If you make yourself go out into the world and do something worthwhile, creative, caring, etc. you are giving meaning to your life. Self-indulgent activities and hobbies can also bring some enjoyment to your world. What I’m trying to say is that everyone needs something to look forward to – a reason to get up in the morning, or life will, understandably, be pretty damn miserable.
My grandfather lived to be 105 years old. He was a simple man that didn’t make a mark on the world. He never held down any job for long. If he got sick of his job he moved on. (he’d be diagnosed with A.D.D. nowadays) However, he always seemed content. And he always had something to do. Something he was planning. Something to look forward to. He went to bed at 10pm and got up at 7am every day. And the night before he went to bed he always had something planned for the next day. You see, he had a reason to wake up every morning, and consequently he had a reason to live. He lived to tend his garden and watch it grow, he lived to go fishing and hunting, he lived to watch football, he lived for his nightly snort of brandy, he lived to smoke his pipe and try different blends, he lived for his wife and son and grandson and great grandson, he lived for dry roasted peanuts.
No matter how small and insignificant these things seem in relation to the universe, they were the world to him and he was a happy man because of them. So if you try too hard to find meaning in your life, and some cosmic metaphysical reason for it you will be disappointed.
I learned from my grandfather to live each day for the simplest of pleasures. He would always tell me that his only goal in his life was to come to the end of it with as little “should’ves” and “could’ves” as possible. I think he came pretty damn close to achieving his goal.
Find your “simple pleasures”, relax into your life, don’t over ponder the things that can never be known in this lifetime, and start talking with a professional; even if it’s just for the sake of venting.
I’m living because of these simple things, not because of religion, spirituality, or some great understanding of the world. I find physics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and all the other sciences that are forever trying to unravel the worlds mysteries, enthralling, but I don’t look for the meaning of life in them. I just live. (as much as I can like good ol’ grandpa)

Take care of yourself.

I went through my own version of hell on earth and made it through alive. Having had a very similar thought process as John’s I can feel the pain all over again. I can relate.

(My narration starts again…)
So, that’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
P.S : I didn’t plan this to be my first post in this blog. Well, It happened. So, cheer up!!
Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.
– Mr. Kenway

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