The Magic of a Woman

A long time ago I have realized this, A Woman is in the background of every great story ever happened. In the recent times, I am starting to understand the significance of it. She is the greatest muse god has ever created. Her magic can drive a man to achieve the sanctum above this world, or his demise into the one beneath it. If you are lucky enough to come across a woman who can cast her white magic on you, then you will have a great story to tell like I do now.

If you are thinking I have derived the E=mc2 or I have engineered the pyramids of Giza, then you are thinking wrong. In fact, I am far.. far away from being that great. But, If I ever become great.. the starting point of that story will be the entry of this sweet woman into my life. So, let me start the story by telling…

You know what a man truly ever needs?

A look of wonder for the things he has done, A laughter for the jokes he tried to crack and A smile in return for his smile… all from a woman wrapped in his arms. (And of course food, water and air..)


It all started with a single touch…

Those were the days where I didn’t know what I want to do with my life and I would not listen to anyone who would try to help me figure it out. I was a hot headed lost soul who is messed up in the head. Every day I would just wander around and try to think of something to do with my life. But, I was not able to focus on anything.

One day, I heard we are getting some new neighbours.

And I heard.. they have two daughters. (I was 21 years old, what else would I care about.)

The first day, I saw the elder one… and that’s the end of that story. (Hehe.)

I heard the younger one works in some multinational company in another city. (My hopes returned.)

One fine day, I got to see her. (Well..lets just say my eyes felt happy! )

The usual neighbourly stuff happened and we started talking. I liked her. We started hanging out.

A long time ago, I have started to learn to play guitar and stopped playing after learning it needs a lot of practice. She got to know I have learnt to play guitar and asked me to play, not knowing how much I have learnt. I played a song. And another.. and another. That’s it. It was an outstanding performance which makes people stand… out of my sight. But, she was still sitting there. She just smiled. No, I didn’t see any kind of disappointing eyes or a sarcastic smirk. She just smiled calmly. I didn’t want to ask how it was.. I have ears and they are already bleeding. I just said.. I need a little more practice and packed the guitar… (Forever.)

I liked how she didn’t see me any differently, even after failing to impress her. In fact, I saw a little admiration that I tried to do something at least. We became friends.

One day we went to hangout on the terrace and we were waiting for her sister to join us. These days we both have started to tease each other. She said something to tease me and involuntarily my hand has caught her neck and mockingly squeezed it. I have no Idea how I did it. I know why I did it, because every nerve in my body is screaming to touch her. But, I couldn’t fathom how I just did it, without thinking about the appropriateness of it.

The next day I felt the same screaming again.. I took some debit card from her hand and teased her to take it back. We played like that for few seconds and she left smiling.

The next day we met again.. She asked my help for something and I asked for a zillion bucks to do it. She smiled. Mockingly I caught hold of her ear and said I would consider those ear rings either. And I just continued to nibble on her ear for a little while. I still have no idea how I am getting the confidence to get close to her.

And the next day.. We were sitting beside each other in front of a computer. But, I didn’t feel the same confidence as the other days.

You might be wondering what does all these silly things has got to do with me becoming great because of a woman. Here’s the catch…

After this cat and mouse story went on for sometime.. I have observed something in myself. I felt the confidence to approach her only If I felt good about myself. And you know when you’ll feel good about yourself? – Only if you have done something good or something productive. I believe it’s called self-esteem. Remember I said, I was figuring out what I wanted to do with my life? Yeah, I have decided and started working towards it. All those days when I felt I have worked for a good amount of time, I have this feeling that my inner self is full of life. If I slacked off and didn’t do anything productive, I used to feel lifeless.

When I realized this phenomenon in myself, I started working my ass off. And believe me when I say this, I never would have worked so much if it were truly towards my career. When I felt so good about myself, I was able to enjoy my greatest craving… her company. The more I felt good about myself, the more I enjoyed her company. Before I knew it, I was waking up early each and every day. I started exercising to keep myself fit. I started eating healthy. I cultivated all the good habits and became a better person both physical and mentally. I felt good each and everyday… at the same time, I was having the best time of my life with her.

I have done each and every damn thing to make myself look better in her eyes.

She was my muse. She was the single source of inspiration in my life which I looked forward to every single day.

When I started to sense I was becoming a better person, I started to become ambitious with her. I started tickling her by pinching her ears and went up to tickling her in all the wrong places. And when I started becoming ambitious with her, I have become an ambitious person outside too. Not a single ounce of self-doubt has occurred in my mind. I have experienced the pure flow of confidence and the narcissistic raw power which will make you feel like you are worth a million bucks. Believe me, you owe it to yourself to have that feeling at least once in your lifetime.

So what is her magic in this, you might ask..

When you have worked your ass off all day, you will feel like you need a reward. And that’s where her magic comes in. With all the confidence fired up inside you…and when you touch her, she will feel it. She will feel the rush, and the rush inside her makes her blush in red. And with all that blushing in the background, a beautiful smile escapes her lips…acknowledging your touch.

And the best thing is, that smile is always special. Because it makes you feel special. She will feel that way only with you and you will know it. You can see it in her eyes, that only you are special to her.

That! my friend, is the greatest motivation you can ask for in all the ends of the earth. Her magic can make you achieve heights beyond your daylights.

Everything I do now, in my life, is a reflection of her magic. If everyone around me have started looking at me with a new found respect, it all started with her magic. The turnaround which I have gone through would have required the magic from all the gods combined. A magical woman just did it with her smile. She was my muse, my sweetest and greatest muse. In my heart of hearts, I know nothing will ever come close to her place in my life. If there really exists a goddess of luck, my magical woman is her physical manifestation. She gave me a reason to look forward to, in life. She gave me a reason.. to live!


P.S: This thought was lingering in my mind for a very long time, but I wouldn’t know how to put it in words. Finally, the day has come. And I meant each and every letter I have written here.


Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.

– Mr. Kenway


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