A Tribute to Oublier

First of all ‘Oublier’ is not a name. It means ‘to forget’ in French. So the title is “A Tribute to Forget” ? Yes. Ookay, coming to the point.. This post is not intended to my regular audience. (As if you have any.. -_-). (Why did you close the bracket, I’m not finished yet..What do you mean by “audience”, they are at most can be called as your “Readers”. Okay, I will talk in the brackets too. And to answer your stupid question. No, they are not my “Readers”, Coz I don’t write.. I always put on a show. So, they are my “Audience”. Hah!.. bullshit!! Lame… JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH.) By the way, its my brain that’s talking in Italic font inside brackets.. (Lame again..)

Now, this post is intended only to a “Particular Person”. So, you fuckers..err..I mean..folks.. JUST STAY OUT OF THIS POST.

The intended Particular Person can..

Hi Particular Person,

How are you? I’m fine here. I hope you’re fine there. (Lame start.. Huh, this is how I learnt to write a letter in school..so shut up.)

There is no point in writing this letter to you. I am not expecting something to happen nor do I want to change the current situation. This is just to put out something that has been on my mind for so long and even though I wanted to share this with you, but didn’t. There are days I felt like going into chick-lit frenzy mode and tell you all the beautiful things I felt about you. But you know me very well and my self-restricted parameters doesn’t allow such actions..

(Wait wait wait… I don’t think she is the only one that is going to read this letter. Do you seriously think that they will stop reading because you said so..this is a public post you dumbass.. Ok ok.. stop using that language with me and yep, might as well write this as a monologue..)

Anyway, These days I am thinking a lot about her. (Mostly about the kisses..I Know.. Yeah, partly true..but still.. SHUT UP!! ) may be I miss the days, when we could just sit beside each other and lean our heads together while holding our hands. Even though all the drama/literature has used, overused and abused this scene to the point of cliche.. I have to admit, that was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. That is the only time I felt whatever I was missing from life is right there with me in that moment. That was the moment when I actually understood the words.. “I feel complete” (Whoa!!!.. what a load of bullshhh….Stop! stop disturbing the flow, I am in the middle of writing something beautiful..!)

Do you know why I always loved her? .. That is not actually true. I didn’t love her.. I loved the way I am when I was with her. And I was like that only when I am with her.. It might sound confusing to you but it makes perfect sense to me. Let me explain.. ” She taught me to be the man she already thought I was.. And.. Who she thought I was.. is the man who I want to be.”

(Wait a minute.. I am not writing this for them. I am writing this to speak to her through this letter.. Well, I do agree.. but don’t sound like a pussy..)

 And again, I’m speaking to you..my particular person,

If I say I didn’t love you, I would be lying to myself. I did love you.. I love every bit of you.

I love the way your eyes widen whenever you see me,

I love the way you laugh at my not-so-stupid jokes,

I love the way you giggle when I tease you,

I love the way you become hot whenever I touch you,

I love the way you ruined my omelet, (Haha!)

I love the way you say no with your mouth but your body says yes,

I love the way you call my name,

I love the way you fit into my arms,

I love the way I can’t keep my hands off you,

I love the way your voice makes me happy,

I love the way you know exactly what I am thinking to do with you,

I just love the way we have loved each other. You are the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. It is a mere happenstance that I have found you and I thank my lucky stars forever for that.

I have always loved you, atleast I hope I made you feel that way.

(Brain.. I know you hate me for writing this, but its ok. Yeah I do hate this kind of stuff and you did sound like a pussy.. but I have to agree, everything happened between you two was indeed beautiful.)

P.S: I also loved the way you never choose “dare” in our little “truth or dare” games.


Until next time, Requiescat In Pace.

– Mr. Kenway

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