Cupid’s First Arrow

Once upon a time, like everyone else I was also a kid. I don’t even know about the existence of this stupid guy called Cupid. Later on I heard he is the one who fires arrows whenever I see a pretty girl. I called him stupid, coz that fucker always forgot to fire them at those pretty girls. Well, as you have already guessed.. This is the story of my first love.

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A Tribute to Oublier

First of all ‘Oublier’ is not a name. It means ‘to forget’ in French. So the title is “A Tribute to Forget” ? Yes. Ookay, coming to the point.. This post is not intended to my regular audience. (As if you have any.. -_-). (Why did you close the bracket, I’m not finished yet..What do you mean by “audience”, they are at most can be called as your “Readers”. Okay, I will talk in the brackets too. And to answer your stupid question. No, they are not my “Readers”, Coz I don’t write.. I always put on a show. So, they are my “Audience”. Hah!.. bullshit!! Lame… JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH.) By the way, its my brain that’s talking in Italic font inside brackets.. (Lame again..)

Now, this post is intended only to a “Particular Person”. So, you fuckers..err..I mean..folks.. JUST STAY OUT OF THIS POST.

The intended Particular Person can..

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A Thief Story – Day 2 – Dirt on Hands

Click.. Call Ends..

We decided to meet again the next morning in the same place.
I asked my friend “How do you know? What is happening?”
“He is gathering a team. I don’t know the details yet. But, I suggested only your name among our friends.”
“Wow, you are a true friend.” I said with a smirk on my face.
He pointed towards the closet where I stashed the money with his nose and said, “Yes, I am.”

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The Next Innovation – E1 – Updates to Self Driving Car

We always want more than what we already have. And that is a good thing. That is the single reason Technology exists today. We want updated version of everything. Right from the invention of wheel, there are so many updates to it, now it became a Car. Continue reading

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The Next Innovation – E0 – Pilot

The Next Innovation. This is a series I’m going to start. By the time anyone reads this I would have already uploaded a few “Episodes”. I got this Idea of starting a series about the expected innovations of the future. Since my childhood I have this habit of imagining new science fiction gadgets. But, the times has changed now. There is no such thing as science fiction gadget today. Continue reading

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What is the purpose of Life?

Once upon a time, my mind is messed up. Based on my experience, many 19-21 Year old’s minds are messed up. They will come out of it at some point. At least I did after reading so many things. But, I think the following thing is the starting point of me coming out of my mess. Continue reading

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